Elderbrook - Back To My Bed

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A heartbroken boy dreams his feelings away.

Born in Madrid, Spanish and American-Ecuadorian Andrea Mae Perez created a trippy, dreamy music video for Elderbrook's latest release, Back To My Bed, a song about heartbreak's power to demobilise you.

Don't let the heartbreak hit you on a Saturday night
Come meet me halfway in between dark and the light
'Cause the voice in my head said I ain't goin' back to my bed

Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Elderbrook was raised in the suburbs outside of London. With a mom who favoured 80’s pop and electronic music and a dad who liked country, Andrea translates the two into a video. We follow a boy who struggles through insomnia, and once finally asleep, he dreams of meeting his ex once more. While his mind plays in this dream reality, his emotions run wild, ultimately cleansing themselves so he is able to finally let go.

Perez " When I first heard the track, immediately, images of a hot endless summer came to mind. It’s been a while since I had one of those, but I remember the texture of the curtains in my Spanish bedroom, and how each intense story experienced seemed to take over what I understood my universe to be. Stemming from these memories, I put together an idea that was very visual and location-based, a world that felt both magical and colourful, like Eldebrook’s melodies. "

Perez is now being represented by Academy Films for music videos.