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A Mona Cordes fashion story at the seaside town of Walton On The Naze. 

London filmmaker Beatrix Blaise paired up with German, London based designer Mona Cordes to take three creatives Akti, Ben and Charlie (dancer, musician and jewelry designer) on the train to visit the seaside at Walton on the Naze.  In amongst the British seaside entertainment, the three models play in their outfits of kaleidoscopic vision. Outfits built with woven in statements and boldness voicing political and ecological messages.

Beatrix Blaise, 'This was a totally off the cuff film, we got on a train, arrived, and started playing. It was one where we got to experiment, armed with very little equipment and with a whole array of seaside entertainment and community at the end of our lens, it became easy to just shoot whatever you wanted. That was a real taste of freedom for me, beyond the usual industry of heavy cameras and set-up times.

Mona's bold clothes of course got everyone looking, and that was part of the dreamy 'day out' we had. When you're already being noticed you may as well be inhibited in what you're doing.'

FUN DAY OUT features all of Mona’s collections:

The first, CIRCUS INFINITY which is based on memories of Mona's childhood where she dressed as a clown, and further circus research. The looks are showing rebellion against Brexit, like the EU dart print.

The second, SELSHAMOUR ~ HIDE + SEAM inspired by the theme of supernatural beings and Scandinavian myths.

Mona remembers being told sagas by her uncle in Norway as a child and sometimes where he dressed up as a troll,  frightening everyone. The collection is fully digitally printed, home produced and sustainably sorted.

The third, VIVAL VIRTUEZ, Mona’s most recent collection created in covid lockdown, it represents an emotional outburst of creativity and emotions.

Produced in her first studio it was the most sustainable outcome of all. VIVIAL VIRTUEZ draws upon the 7 deadly sins.

The focus of this collection lies on each of the sins' character traits. Their contrasting emotions are symbolised through the print and colour, that of pride, envy, vanity, glory and wrath.

What’s next? Mona is starting to work on a new collection which is going to be something else, challenging different aspects and ways of working. Watch this space.


Creative director & designer @princess_moona @mona_cordes_
Film @beatrixblaise
Music @boy.lucid
Muses @shurkpics + @akti_mk + @charlie.bark

photographer @mona_co_photos