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Two sisters living in isolation on their farmland, harvest and smoke bioluminescent glitter that gives them super strength.

Toronto based director Roney's comedy short Glitter’s Wild Women follows two siblings addicted to glitter. Harvesting the glitter from their secluded surroundings in the woods the two sisters smoke glitter all day long, finding in it superhuman strength. This spurs them on to make DIY movies self-documenting their superhuman feats, and from there their very own DIY film festival, despite their concerns that no-one will turn up. Particularly the former men in their lives.

Roney <<Don't smoke glitter. it's very flammable and not worth it. If you have a fireplace or something, toss some glitter in there in front of your grandparents (unless they're dead, then honestly don't) and watch their faces light up with glee. It's a bit of a magic show.>>

<< I think their transition from thinking “nobody would care” to “who cares if nobody cares?” reflected a lot of how I felt after university. For a minute, I was really stressed over what I put out there. Like if it wasn’t the most quality work, it wasn’t worth it. I sort of forgot the reason I went into film to begin with. And then I stopped caring, and I asked my friends if they could help me shoot a web series [cheap whine], and it felt really good. I was always laughing. That series became quality because I put my passion in front of my fear. I think that’s exactly how our sisters in Glitter’s feel. Except they didn’t have the fear to begin with, it was more a logical conclusion to do the things they loved. >>

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