Lost Time

Directed by

Lost Time looks at the passing of time as something fleeting and out of our control.

Anna Radchenko, multidisciplinary director and artist hailing from Moscow and now based in London, examines the parameters of time in this fashion film. Lost Time redefines the passing of time as something chaotic, beautiful and of a fleeting nature. Time is inevitably out of our control.

Lost Time is a movement-led piece with a regal temperament, embarking on an optimistic quest into learning to coexist with time and function simultaneously. The film employs sand as a metaphor for time uncontrollably slipping through fingers. The velocity of sand poses frustrations and conflict, expressed through sandstorms and demolished hour glasses, while finding eternal fragments of beauty and a grounding peace.

As the performers stand in the midst of sand, there is an awe-inspiring feeling of embracing the present and accepting what lies ahead. Movement director Jamie Neale supported the featured alternative pop singer and songwriter Jones in affirming that every minute movement remained accountable in expressing the detail of her emotions. Curated by Elizabeth Jane Bishop and Max Saward, they involved labels such as the romantic non-binary Harris Reed and the effortlessly chic Ukrainian womenswear brand Nadya Dzyak.

Anna Radchenko "At the time I was doing a lot of reading on existential psychology, including the works of Viktor Frank. For instance he argued that even in the most miserable of circumstances, we’ll still find our motivation in giving our lives meaning. Lost Time is a reflection of this existential drama, in which even though we are aware of the passing of time, we still aim to thrive and push forward."


Director: Anna Radchenko (@anna_radchenko)

Singer/Model: JONES (@iseejones)

Labels: Harris Reed (@harris_reed), Nadya Dzyak (@nadyadzyak)

Production Designer: Ash Halliburton (@ashkhalliburton)

Production Designer Assistant: Hayley Lai (@hayleylai), Matthew Saunders

Spark 1: Hamza Patrick

Production Assistant: Andrei Croitor (@acroitor)

1st Steadicam Operator: Luke Oliver

2nd AC: Bradley Stearn

Make-Up/Hair: Yulia Yurchenko (@yulyayurchenko)

Movement Director: Jamie Neale (@jamienealejn)

Stylist: Elizabeth Jane Bishop (@elizabethjanebishop), Max Saward

CGI Artist: Murat

Drone Operator: Robert Cairns

Gaffer: Yan Murawski

Spark: Serkan Cetin

Photographer: Natasha

Composer: Andrey Novikov (@alius.modi)