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Within a yellow desert of dreams, Madame Gandhi shares historical and future ideas on the world we should strive for.

Set in a warm toned sunny environment, former M.I.A drummer and political activist, Madame Gandhi introduces her new song Bad Habits. Madame's lyrics praises past heroes in the fight against violence and oppression as well as encouraging a new energy to build from their foundations. She wrote the song after reading Gloria Steinem's autobiography My Life On The Road where she learnt how women's peaceful movements in India and Britain had a profound influence on Mahatma Gandhi's future activism. "I found that to be deeply remarkable, because no one talks about the fact that Mahatma Gandhi's nonviolence practices were inspired by women and by femininity."

The song's rhythms were inspired by Fela Kuti and Mahatma Gandhi is heavily referenced. The radiant video directed by Raine Allen-Miller is infused with dance and togetherness of like minds. It calls for "reimagining education, self-improvement, collaboration, radical self-reliance and prioritizing joyfulness as way of serving humanity," states Madame.

In the second verse Madame Gandhi builds " 'Gandhi School,' in which [she] shares with the others [her] thoughts on the profound linked history between how Fela and Gandhi were combatting oppressive colonizer rule in their respective countries of Nigeria (1960s-70s) and India (1940s), and specifically how Mahatma Gandhi's non-violence movement drew from the womxn's suffrage movement in the 1920s."

Through the positivity of the ultimate yellow video Madame is concentrated on the message that "the best tools for continuing this fight for freedom is to start by being the best version of yourself."