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A music video for people to feel seen, heard and loved.

Syrian American rapper and activist Mona Haydar opens her heart to fans once again with her latest offering, “Lifted”. Mona first became known for her and her husband's "Ask A Muslim" booth in Cambridge, where she offered people an opportunity for conversation (with coffee and donuts). The song Lifted, is in the same vain of social communication. It is born out of deeply personal experience and pushes the Flint-born / Brooklyn-based creative to reach out to empower and uplift others in times of struggle. “I wrote this song and melody in a brief moment where my postpartum depression has subsided and I was like, ‘I want people to know— we can get through it! We can do this. Especially together!’ "

In the Hannah Berry George-directed visuals, Manatsu Tanaka dances through New York City, embodying the emotions of the lyrics and visuals perfectly. George adds, "I think we all lose ourselves at some point in our lives. So I've created a film that's based around the five stages of grief—but when losing yourself, not someone else. Each environment represents one of those emotional stages as we follow Mona on a journey from darkness to light."