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A group of adolescents experience the growing pains of coming into their own while searching for purpose and belonging.

Oslo born, NY and London studied Writer, Director Anna Fredrikke Bjerke's film Other People is a delicate look at a group of women and individual boy's interactions as they naively encounter love interests and deal with unpredictable behaviours of 'others'. The determined and perceptive Emma is the class virgin, who has a crush on the naturally popular and emotional Liam. Selma is deeply insecure and offers sexual favors to the boys at school, while Daniel is causing trouble simply to provoke a reaction from those around him.

The short film features a cast of actors and non-actors, including Ines Høysæter Asserson, who was nominated for an Amanda award for her work in Harajuku, and Billie Barker from Netflix’s Ragnarok.

Bjerke "My creative inspiration for Other People came from so many places. But most profoundly are my own experiences of growing up in an environment that begged for conformity and tradition, fuelling the need to forge my own path, which has led me to become the woman and artist that I am today.

Other People began with the complicated theme of adolescent growing pains, of coming into one’s own, at a formative moment in life where every small event feels like it's the end of the world and where the heart breaks with each biting crush, which, after many years, I have realized to be perfectly OK, and even beautiful.

It’s so strange how the stories we tell ourselves about who we want to become when we’re young can turn out to be so far off, as we are trying on different identities, mostly because we either want to fit in or stand out, while searching for purpose and belonging. Yet still, those people we dream of in our youth are very much a part of us always.

Other People takes on female sexuality, sexual identity, and toxic masculinity. So many teenage lives are filled with stories of Other People, and the intention for this film is to make everyone who is growing up feel less alone, while dipping into the nostalgia we experience as adults looking back, who I hope will recognize someone they knew or who they were in the film."

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