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A daughter recognises her mother as 'home'.

Ivy’s Kid is a visual 3 part journey for RUE’s debut EP directed by Iranian born director and editor Somayeh Jafari. RUE is a British Zimbabwean poet, songwriter and singer based in London. She has found a balance between poetry and music, drawing influences from various genres to form her own eclectic sound and voice. She would describe herself as a storyteller. The EP and video are testament to RUE'S connection with her mother who passed away two years ago. The narrative follows 'mother' and 'daughter' through a passage of time, and what 'home means'.

RUE <<The running theme of Ivy’s Kid is this idea of Home, and what that means to different people. For me, I realised that home is the people in my life. The project explores the idea of people being places. I first started thinking about it when my mum passed away 2 years ago and realising that she was home, to me.

During that time of reflection, I started to think about what home meant to me now that she is gone. That manifested into Ivy’s Kid – each song being about different people that feel or have felt like home. Whether that be friends, romantic partners and family. And of course, the name, Ivy – that’s my mum’s name. I am Ivy’s Kid, and this is my story, so to speak. >>

SOMAYEH <<When I heard the EP and Rue’s story I knew instantly I wanted to make a 3 part music video.I personally had a strong connection to the feeling of displacement and themes of heritage which RUE explores in her music. I was eager to create space between each track to allow Rue to further expand and elaborate on the themes of her EP which is why we carved out a poetry interlude between each song.

RUE’s mother is a central figure throughout her EP and I wanted to equally give her that weight in the film. We see her influence and presence in RUE’s life throughout the video in various shapes and forms as RUE goes mourning her death, to reckless escapism to a final acceptance that her mum and the idea home that she embodies, continues to lives on. >>