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A music video projecting a meta loop of self care.

Sega Bodega has commissioned six videos by six different artists to accompany his new project ‘self care’. Sega joins a new wave of conceptualising where musicians open up their project and give creative control to visual artists and filmmakers. The project becomes more than one person’s ideal, and instead a curated collaboration. Sega, “I'm always interested to hear the different ways people look after themselves, mentally or physically; the things they do to not feel shit. Even though sometimes it's obvious their own self care may actually be more damaging than good.”

Tash Tung joined this creative chain reaction and decided to make a film that was personal and autobiographical in regards to her brief ‘self care’. Tung cast herself as the lead and took ‘Kisses 2 my phone’ to a new introspective level. “It was as much about challenging myself to be in front of the camera on the day, as it is about continually learning to be ok with my image and my movement.”

The film references a day in the life of its lead, Tung, and all the intimate moments she passes through enjoying an awareness of self and body. We watch her move from dancing alone, to washing herself, to partying but beyond that we see references to Sega, “I loved referencing the project and Sega Bodega in the film. It created a meta loop of self care; something eternal and ritualistic."