Silvy - We Are Beautiful

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Old beauty standards don't fit this bill.

This music video We Are Beautiful by Silvy is a direct challenge to 2022 beauty standards. Standards that though changing, are still stuck in society's mind's eye. Directed by Thai filmmaker Khamkwan, this is a visual force, a call to an arms for joy, in the face of dejection. At the beginning of the story, Silvy and friends were seen unfit in an audition. But, they didn't lose confidence and instead gathered people to dance and express the beauty of everyone.

Jean Khamkwan 'Because beauty is diverse, I express myself on my works. Women don't have to follow norms or stereotypes, on career as such. As a female director, I want young filmmakers to be confident in expressing yourself into your work, and be daring to be different. Don't let gender define your limit of style of our creations.'


WE ARE BEAUTIFUL @silvypavida
with amazing beautiful dancers from @dmaniacstudio and choreography by @kitty.k.maryteres

Producer @_wmilk
PM Yok
DOP @kerooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
AD @praew_r
Art Dir. Earth
Stylist @annmuangsiri
Ass. Stylist @plaimoll
Make up @baa.sanyo
Hair @smileclub_thailand
Location : Sine

@wallevee as Judge and Editor 🖤
Colorist @flanjks