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AGL FW21 Collection: stillness, support and balance as symbols of strength between women.

Made by women for women, the AGL FW21 collection is an icon of Postmodern minimalism. Both these sentiments were captured by London based filmmaker Fiona Jane Burgess in her Nowness x AGL film Sisterhood, shot at London's Tate Modern Gallery.

Set against the contemporary interiors, and the soulful vocals of British singer-songwriter Låpsley, dancers lean on and support each other. Symbolising the core of female solidarity's: strength in numbers, support systems and sensitivity.

Burgess 'With this film I was interested in creating moments of connection between women that relies on physical balance and support; this idea that if they were to let go they would fall. I also wanted this to show physical manifestations of support structures, of invisible reliance on one another, and to show that—even without knowing—we sometimes rely on the work of others. I think that collective sisterhood is so integral to gender equality as we have a duty and responsibility to hold each other up. To push and challenge one another. In my mind, it's using bodies to embody cultural messages. Distribution of weight is quite difficult: getting the balance right is hard. Holding a position for a long time requires a lot of strength. I wanted to use stillness as a symbol for strength. Focus and harmony are dependent upon everybody who is involved; giving and receiving the weight, the burden and the responsibility. This is what drew me to this concept.'


‘SISTERHOOD’ a short film for @nowness in collaboration with @aglshoes

Director @fionajburgessss

Original music and VO by @lapsleyyyy

Executive Producer Aaron Z. Willson

Producer @romyjowallerfilm

Production Company @ground___work

Starring @nikkitachadha @gracejabbari and @shariajohnson

Director of Photography @luke.c.harper

Focus Puller @johnsonsamuel

Camera Assistant @charlotte.a.croft

Grip @gsg_danhuntley

Gaffer @jonny.boomer

Spark @max_onthedimmer

1st AD @clara_bing_paris

2nd AD @samuelcharles

Production Assistant @anna_butler__

Covid Supervisor @tarasadeghi

Stills Photographer @fullalove

Choreographer @allygreendance

Stylist @charlotte__roberts

Stylist Assistant - Yamine Daaboul

Make Up Artist @francescabrazzo

Hair Stylist @kycutwilson

Editor @joisediting @okaystudio

Colourist @richardfearon @blackkitestudios

Music Production @greg.abrahams

Online and Retouch: Faris Hallaq


Creative Director @bunnykinney

Video Commissioner @shelleybones

Producer @en_oh_oh_are

Commercial Partnership & Strategy Director @natasha_ingham_