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Recollecting her youth in the 1960s, Edith looks back on Solidago, an all-female rural community she was sent to in order to give birth to a child conceived outside of marriage.

Jerusha West is a writer and film director based in the UK. Her work paves way for  dialogue around issues of the female experience through the mediums of memory and nostalgia. Solidago is a short film that explores a fictionalised response to the ‘Baby Scoop Era’, an  increased surge in extra-marital births and newborn adoption rates. Solidago aims to advocate for women who have been silenced with a need to reopen a dialogue. Shot in colour on analogue 16mm film using ARRI and Bolex cameras, the film accompanied with slow paced, delicate and hazy shots presents the Solidago community. They are found in a place for those in search of unity and refuge who have otherwise been silenced. 

Jerusha West : “I think the work people make can be very affected by more fundamental experiences one has – the landscape you grew up in, the texture of the curtains in your bedroom growing up, what you saw, watched, read or heard as a child. Your wounds; your parents’ wounds; their traumas and so on. I think all these things really do seep into your work even if it takes the form of resistance.”


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Starring: @rose_boyle / @rosevkeegan / @priyablackburn /  Ziggy Heath / Bill Hurst /

@poppykeating / @eve_stotesbury / @phoebeaverdieck / @shaynashoe / @leila_al_yousuf / @bytheclickingofmythumbs / @alicemacrae / Bryony Farmer / Janice Holland / Lara Boyle / Remy Roberts / Rosamond Sutton / Grace Stotesbury

Director and Writer: @jerushawest 

Co-creator and co-writer: @gehazswa 

Producers: @za_paglia @tee_dub 

Associate Producers: @tateturnbull and Britt Soderberg

DOP: @morgan_k._spencer 

Editor: @catriona_d 

Music: @sampo_sound

Costume Design: @sophiedaniel 

Production Design: @syd.harmony 

HMU: @_zoedennis 

Sound Recordist: @spokengoat 

1st AD: @carlottabeckpeccozfilm 

1st AC: @lawrencebeckwith @felixpickles 

2nd AC’s: Saskia Dedman, Anastasia Romanchuka

Steadicam: @steadi.jell 

Camera Assistant: @whitneyconti 

Dance Choreographer: @mister_temi 

Runner: @eleanoremp 

Production Assistant: @efwoof 

Production Design Assistants: @rosamond.emily.sutton @poppykeating 

Costume Design Assistants: @___scb, @thomasechin, @_eells_ , @jodieruffle

Colourist: @finlayreid_colour 

Re-Recording Mixer/ Supervising Sound Editor: @conorxkelly 

Sound Effects Editors: @xenajada & Jessica Watkins

Re-Recording Mixer: Candela Palencia

Dialogue Editor: @jammododger356

Artworks: @aimeeparrott @sarahlbatey @jerushawest 

Stills Photographer: @laura.aglr 

Graphic Designer: @arrwsmth 

Trailer Editor: @callunacallunacalluna 

Serviced by @kodak_shootfilm @goldcrest_post