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Tangles of love, in three parts.

Naz Riahi (she/her) is an Iranian writer and director based in New York. Her work explores the spaces, emotions and opportunities of otherness and isolation, informed by her experiences as an immigrant and girls in film have posted multiple narrative works of hers to this effect. This time, however, we present Naz's latest project: a music video triptych.

Artist Ella Hunt, whose debut EP is named 'Triptych,' lent itself to Naz's style - long form deliberation on the in between moments that reveal so much between two people. Three music videos are threaded together to make a dreamy, surreal and experimental film.

Naz Riahi 'We had long conversations about the surreal aspects of daily life and the profound impact of unexpected moments of intimacy. Through our conversations, it became clear that there was an opportunity to connect each video and tell a narrative story (albeit an experimental one) to represent the ways in which the songs themselves are intertwined, exploring, as they do, the falling together and breaking apart of love.'

The videos were initially released individually, on Ella's YouTube and ultimately, in one film. They exist modularly, in that they can be viewed as Naz and Ella conceived them or in any order, and still click together to tell the story.

Naz Riahi 'With these videos and this film I really wanted to tell a visually unique story, sparse, but impactful, something that stood out in the cluttered landscape of oversaturated high octane music videos. The songs themselves are so unique, so layered, even in their seeming simplicity, the film had to work to show that off and not take away from it. It had to compliment the artistic integrity of Ella's songs, which are unlike anything I've heard. I think we achieved that. Just as the music does with each listen, the film and each video therein, reveals another point of connection with each view.'


Director: @nazriahi

Artist @ellahunt

Performance and Choreography @andorandora

DP @its.bellatan

editor @n0elpaul

EP @slmbr_prty @sarah.donnenberg

Producer: @tizziechang

Production design @elvismaynard

Makeup @carolinadali and Jo Franco

Hair @mitchellbeck71

Costume @sarahslutsky

1st AD Lina Lansky

1st AC George Du

Set Design Reid Currie

Gaffer Ace Buckley

Grip Alex Kary

PA Daniel Kilmek

Production Coordinator Aidan Rocker