VOGUE - Familia

Directed by
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Lou Escobar explores the meaning of family for Vogue Portugal.

VOGUE - Familia, directed by Parisian filmmaker Lou Escobar, is an experimental short film made for Vogue Portugal which centres around the concept of family and explores its meaning. The film's visual aesthetic presents as warm and endearing in its celebration of different generations, and the inherited personalities which follow. Along with the families' flamboyance in fashion, interior design is symbolic of their lived-in spaces. Familia comes with a sense of wonder and hope towards an uncertain future but held strong with the foundations of family. Family that imprints us with values, habits and mannerisms, behaviours and thoughts.

Lou Escobar “This project for me was a tribute to my roots, those of my grandparents. My family comes from Andalusia, they were very modest. I wanted to get closer to different characters that reminded me of my family, and how I saw them from my eyes as a child. It is a bit like a portrait of the Andalusia of my memories.”


Director - @lou__escobar

Production by @canadacanadacom
Producer (Itsasne Santos) - @isantss

DOP (Alberto Ojeda) - @aos.camera
Production Designer (Pilar Angulo) - @pilar__angulo

Stylist (Sergio Alvarez) - @en_sergio.alvarez
Post Production Coordinator – @__javibotella and @marinsmcam
Editor - @estelnewroman
Colourist - @marti.somazo.color
Flame Artist - @soyeldavid
Graphic Design - @juditmusachs
Music - @califato_3x4
Sound Design - @carnabystudios